Know and Understand the Etiquette of Playing Online Poker

Many beginners to online poker think that just because they’re playing behind a computer monitor that they’re allowed to do what they want. Some individuals might feel really brave just because other players can’t touch them.

Poker, whether played online or offline, is a game for everyone to enjoy. A number of considerations still exist before sitting down on a virtual poker table. So before you think that you’re the king of the online poker world, then spend a few minutes first to read the rest of this post.

Don’t be a Bully

Like real life, bullying is never an option. It’s rude, and you’re bound to get in trouble if you do it. The act of bullying can still exist in online poker. For example, one might berate a beginner just because they made a bad call. The last thing you want to do is to put more salt on the wound. Don’t bring added pressure to the newbie just because they did something wrong that ended up in their loss. Just think about this – calling them an idiot because of an error will eventually bite you back in the butt if you lost to them. Remember – if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

Don’t Give Advice to Other Players During the Game

Poker players, like many other gamblers, like to learn through their own means and at their own pace. If you talk about their current play style or give hints on what they should do even though you don’t know their hand, then it’s just plain rude to do so. Don’t whisper in their ear that they should go all-in even know the odds are clearly against them. It’s an unethical method of paving the way for your win. Many players around the globe frown upon this, so you should be careful as you might not get to return to a particular online poker room if you always do this.

Don’t Abuse Profanities in the Chat

This form of etiquette goes in line with bullying in a poker room. There are times when profanities are acceptable, especially if they’re directed to yourself. However, screaming cusses directed towards other players is a huge No-No. In doing so, you might make yourself at a more stressful situation than when you first entered the room, which might result in bad calls and hard losses. Keep it cool at all times; if you find yourself losing a lot, then take a breather before jumping back into the table.

If You’re Calling a Bluff, Don’t Give Any Indication About it

Bluffing is an excellent way to give added pressure to other online poker players in the same room. It’s when you’re calling even if your hand isn’t that good, or perhaps you’ve folded just to make others think that you’ve got a bad hand even if you’re already in the running to win the entire pot. At times like these, don’t exclaim that you’ve got 2 Aces or a strong hand because you’re just being egotistical. If you’re about to win or lose, just play it cool and keep quiet. Let the game play through and play your cards right.

Now that you know the proper etiquette for playing online poker, perhaps you might want to play a few games. A good place to start your newfound knowledge and understanding is to head to poker 99.

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