Myths About Online Casinos

When something is taken on trust there are always worries that you are not in control and if anything happens you will lose out and be taken advantage of. A lot of myths have been put about regarding online casinos but in truth, they are so well-regulated that your worries are groundless. Let us look at some of the most common ones.

It is ease for casinos to take advantage of punters

Credibility with casinos is an issue with lots of unscrupulous ones taking advantage. This is completely untrue as casinos are very heavily regulated and indeed it is in the countries best interests to make sure they have credibility as the gaming industry brings a huge amount into the tax coffers of all countries.

Casinos games are rigged so players can not win

Casinos are there to swindle you This is completely wrong as if casinos were not honest and paid out on winning bets they would lose their credibility instantly as it is so easy to check on their reputation by listening to what other punters have to say about them. They cannot control the outcome of games as they are regulated by third-party firms to make sure they abide by the rules. The introduction of provably fair technology for Bitcoin casinos is also a milestone in the advancement of transparency and house odds can be viewed and taken into consideration before accepting terms and conditions.

Casinos tamper with house odds

Casinos can tamper with payout percentages. Due to the way the mathematical formula is introduced by the developers it cannot be changed by the casinos. Regulators check on a regular basis that the odds are as advertised much as weights and measures regularly check pubs to see they are not being dishonest and as licenses are at stake it would be foolish for them to try.

Casinos do not pay out big wins

Withdrawal requests are denied to gamers. If casinos did not pay out on winnings they would very rapidly go out of business. This myth probably evolved as when the initial payment is to be made casinos put in stringent rules to protect themselves and you to any possible fraud and subsequent payouts are then much easier as you become recognized by them.

Casino bonuses are not real

Bonuses are fictitious and are only to entice you to bet. Completely untrue as casinos would be breaking the law advertising something they know to be untrue. However, one point to make is that you must read the small print to make sure the qualifications are met. Since the launch of BTC gambling sites, the rewards on offer have grown significantly. In Fact, you can get Bitcoin Casino Bonus codes for free spins and no deposit from a large percentage of operators.

Casinos can be set up by anyone

Anyone can start a casino. Unless you have a substantial amount of capital and are willing to go through a long vetting process then you have no chance of starting up your own casino. They are a professional organization and have to abide by strict rules and are monitored regularly. You need to have a completely flawless past to be even considered.

Land based casinos have the lowest payout rates

Land based casinos have lower payouts than online. This is true and is down to the overheads being much higher in land based casinos, therefore, they have to play with higher house odds and consequently, your payout will be less.


Make sure you look around for bonuses that you can use without depositing any of your own cash. If you want provably fair gaming with instant payouts to look for Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus 2017 codes. Trust your own judgment and always check the facts before making a decision.

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