Playing Baccarat Online: Learn the Tips


It was during middle ages when Baccarat was first invented. It was named after zero as the worst hand ever. If you are in love with this game, then playing baccarat online will provide a completely new meaning for you. This game is played with six decks and two players. One is the main player and the other is the banker. For winning a round, you have to pick the player’s hand with the highest total. Here, the highest score is 9 with lowest being 0.

More about the game:

If you bet on the players coming out equal (a tie), and win, then you can get paid 9 to 1 for some bigger wins. After each hand, the cards are reshuffled to avoid any kind of counting strategies. You have the right to bet on banker, player, tie, or even combination of these three options. Players always get the first chance to play. In case, the total of player’s hand remains within 0 to 5 then he gets the chance to draw another card.  However, if the banker’s total is 7, 8 or 9, then he won’t draw another card.

Last tips to follow:

When the total of banker’s hand is 0, 1 or 2, he gets the chance to draw a card. If you have chosen to bet on the player, and he won, then you will get the amount you have bet in. In case, you have bet on banker while playing baccarat online at sites like Cleebo and he won, then you can win bet minus the 5% commission, which is allotted for player’s hands.

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