The Evolution of Online Poker in Asia

Online poker in the modern times have evolved greatly. And with Asian countries, especially with poker online Indonesia, the development is significant and dramatic. But the story a decade back was different. Hence, it is important to know the interesting evolution of the online poker for knowing the game more.

The scenario a decade back

The concept of online poker a decade back in Asia was way different than now. The concept of online poker or simply poker for that matter was completely unknown to the people of the place. It was really difficult finding out someone who would even have the concept of online gambling. While gambling, both physical and online remained majorly as a concept of the western society, Indonesia or any other Asian country lagged far behind this concept.

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The scenario in the recent times

In the recent times poker online Indonesia is a boom in the Asian online poker games. With almost each people knowing the concept and is involved in to the game, the online gambling has gained a new height in its evolution. Not only restricted to this, the process is continuously evolving more and now the market is competing with the western market. The major reasons contributing to the accelerated popularity of poker in the Asian countries is mainly because:

  • The heavy population. Asia being the most populated continent, once the concept popularised it took only a little time for it to be wide-spread
  • Most of the better online poker players are from Asia and therefore the craving to be the best was most sung in Asia.
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