The Evolution of Slot Machines

Slot games are some of the most favourite casino games in the world. Contributing to the popularity of this game is that it’s easy to play as it doesn’t require any gambling skills. You can play with small bets, but with the chance of a big payout. This game has been around for years and it continues to attract more players.

How It Started

The debate on who invented slot machines is still not settled today. There are various possibilities laid but there are two that stand out and are accepted by many people. The most popular story of the start of slot machines is that of Charles Fey. He was an American who was the inventor of the Liberty Bell Machine. It had five symbols and three reels, much like the traditional slot machines that we have today. This machine was invented in 1887, but was only inaugurated in 1895.

Because of the late inauguration, others believe that Sittman and Pitt, who invented and inaugurated another machine in 1891, were the founders of slot machines. Instead of symbols, 50 poker cards were used on five drums. This was based on the game of poker, giving players higher winnings the better their hand was. However, the Liberty Bell Machine is more popularly looked upon as the predecessor of modern slots because they are more similar.

Online Slots

Over the years, the Liberty Bell Machine grew in popularity and various manufacturers began to develop different types of slot machines. From three reels, more reels were incorporated, as were different symbols. With the wide usage of the Internet, casino games were also offered online, including slot games. There are traditional slot games on the web that work the same as those in land based casinos. Pull the lever or tap the spin button and the reels will start to spin with the hope of matching the symbols. Bets and payouts are also done online.

Different variations of slot games also became available. Video slots and 3D slots were offered and are now popular options for many slot players. They are played the same, but they have better and more attractive graphics. Some of them even have minigames to play in case you wish to take a quick break from your regular slot game.

Another favourite variation of slot machine games is the Slot Twin Spin – Spot the Difference. It combines the widely popular casino slot game and the classic spot the difference game that people of all ages love. There are small differences depending on the slot machine that you play, but generally, you’ll have to determine the difference either between the two slots or among the reels. For instance, the symbols will be shown to you and you have a few seconds to determine which among them is different before moving to the next one. The number of correct answers will determine your payout.

Slot machine games have come a long way, but they remain classic casino favourites both in local and online casinos.


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