Understanding the Key Aspects of Managing a Bankroll for Online Betting

Many people often conflate managing a bankroll with setting a budget – and while the two are related they aren’t the same thing. In fact setting a budget is only one part of managing a bankroll for online betting, albeit an important one.

To properly manage a bankroll, there are several key aspects that need to be taken care of:

  • Budget

As mentioned previously, your budget is part and parcel of your bankroll as it is the total that you have to work with. It is important that your budget should be fixed and you should never extend beyond it. Of course your budget should also be a figure that you’re comfortable losing – in the worst case scenario.

  • Bet size

The size of bets that you make should be based on your budget, and sometimes you may want to take into account the duration that you intend to play. For example with a $100 budget and $10 bets you will only be able to make 10 bets in total – which will be a very short session. On the other hand with $1 bets you’ll be able to make 100 bets which is a much longer session.

  • Winning limits

On the opposite end up the spectrum, you should set a limit that you feel is the profit you’d like to win and be happy to walk away with. It should be realistic, and typically anything around 20% above your budget is already fairly good. Having a winning limit will prevent you from staying, playing more, and potentially losing any profit that you’ve made.

If you aren’t already managing your bankroll you should try applying these aspects the next time you play at 3win8 or any other online casino. Although it may take some time to get used to and develop the discipline required to stick to budgets and winning limits, in the long term both will pay off. On top of that choosing the right bet size will provide more immediate benefits as you’ll be able to make sure it suits your tastes.

As you start to get better at managing your bankroll you can play around with your budget and winning limits somewhat and adjust their values to see what kind of difference it makes. Odds are you’ll soon settle on a type of bankroll management that suits you and you can use it on 12win in the future.

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